How to look at the working principle of glue spraying in the glue machine?

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Glue spraying machine is one of the most commonly used industrial equipment in the field of glue spraying equipment. In addition to automatic glue spraying machines, glue spraying machines are the most commonly used equipment in various fields. The principle of the glue spraying machine is the processing technology method of glue spraying. Glue spraying and automatic glue spraying machines are not adjectives with the same characteristics, and their fields are not the same. For example, the application area of ​​spray glue is likely to be very large, and super glue is widely and uniformly adhered. This is not the case with the automatic glue spraying machine, its application field is relatively small, and the automatic glue spraying machine has high technological content and high quality.

Glue spraying machine

How to look at the working principle of glue spraying in the glue spraying machine? Literally speaking, as an adjective, spray glue refers to spreading out a certain viscous liquid; as a title, it refers to the name of a high-tech product. That is to say, the whole process of using an automatic glue spraying machine to spread the super glue or paint, and then stick it to another object according to a certain rule. Suitable for bonding fabric sofa sponge, foam, fabric, leather products, printing paper, wood board, plastic, PVC, PE, EVA, metal materials, vulcanized rubber, insulation cotton, fireproof board, aluminum alloy board and other materials. The parts used are spray glue for fabric sofas, sponge spray, and fabric sofas, mattresses, swivel chairs, etc. are used for spray glue.

Glue spraying machine
The glue spray characteristics of the glue dispenser include this level. 1. The initial viscosity is strong, the speed is fast, the use is convenient, and the work efficiency is improved. 2. The spraying surface is large, generally 1 kg in 12 planes. 3. Water-impermeable polyurethane resin has a long viscosity delay time. Fourth, the adherend can be easily torn off, resulting in a new correct positioning and pasting. 5. The spray glue particles are clean and transparent, most of the raw materials are not easy to be spotted, and they are gathered and penetrated.
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Glue spraying machine