Several common main reasons for cartons

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There are three main reasons for the deformation of the carton:

(1) Some die-cutting plates are made by hand, and the size of the carton is often inconsistent due to low precision, and the carton is deformed when the box is pasted.
(2) The concentration of the adhesive is low and the water content is large, which will cause the cardboard to absorb moisture and deform, and the carton will be uneven after forming.
(3) The folder gluer itself is not adjusted properly.
This problem can be solved as long as the die-cutting quality is stable, the adhesive with the appropriate concentration is selected, and the folder-gluer is adjusted well.

folder gluer

The sticky mouth of the carton is skewed

There are three main reasons for the skewed sticky mouth of the carton:
(1) The indentation groove of the indentation line is too wide and the indentation pressure is not enough, so that the extruded indentation line is not full, and the indentation line cannot be folded accurately when folded and glued.
(2) Improper adjustment of the folding transmission, the conveying speed of the left and right sides of the box is inconsistent, resulting in skewed sticky mouth.
(3) The folding rod is not installed properly.
Solution: reduce the width of the indentation groove of the indentation line and increase the indentation pressure; adjust the folding transmission to make the conveying speed of the left and right sides of the carton the same; reinstall the folding rod.

floder gluer sample

Adhesive mouth alignment is not allowed

Inaccurate sticky mouth alignment means that the sticky mouth is misplaced, and the misplaced carton cannot be formed well. This phenomenon is usually caused by the inaccurate adjustment of the machine. Further, it is mainly due to the insufficient knowledge of the operator on the box type and the folder gluer, which affects its operation level. Therefore, strengthening the training of operators, improving their operating skills and their understanding of complex box shapes can effectively avoid the problem of inaccurate sticky mouth alignment.

sticky glue

Glue overflow refers to the excessive amount of adhesive flowing out of the sticky mouth. This phenomenon is mainly caused by the dislocation of the sticking mouth and the excessive amount of adhesive. By grinding the sticky mouth and reducing the amount of glue, the occurrence of glue overflow can be effectively reduced.